Leona Lewis’ ( @leonalewismusic) single sells less than 600 copies

Leona Lewis’ latest single “Lovebird,” taken from her third album Glassheart,  failed to make the Top 200 chart on its opening week.

The single was released only in the UK on December 9 and barely made an impact.

The 200th song on the chart sold 600 copies. So, that means that Lovebird sold LESS than that. :O

A source told UK publication The Mirror:

This is a bitter pill for Leona to swallow and there is no sugar coating it. The single was strong and should have done better but, unfortunately, there was no real marketing force behind it. Crucially, it didn’t capture the imagination of radio bosses and got little airplay. Most people, unless they have the album, have never heard the song. It’s a little embarrassing for the label because they have invested so heavily in Leona.

Well that’s one thing I think we can all agree on. It wasn’t until I saw tweets about it and then I searched for it on YouTube.

And here’s the song:

I like the song and I’m sure it would have made a bigger breakthrough if people KNEW ABOUT IT and they also released it in the US!!

Her entire promotions staff needs to get the boot for eff-ing up her career like this.

Source: B. Scott


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