Braided Half Up-do

PhotoGrid_1402889963428Every couple of weeks, my hair gets to that stage where my new growth is coming in, but it hasn’t been long enough since my last relaxer.

Lucky for me, I finally learned how to french braid and I’ve been playing with my hair in new ways. This is a way to spruce up the half up half-down look.

Step 1. Part your hair into a half ponytail.

Step 2. Part the hair down the middle and make two french braids and rubber band the ends of the braids.

Step 3.  With bobby pins, take the braids and tuck it under so you can’t see the ends. This is good for short hair if the ends aren’t able to stay down and look nice on their own.

This style is simple enough to laze around the house yet classy enough that you can wear to church or work or for a night out on the town.



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