Et Cetera

My New Year’s “Work On” List

I don’t call mine resolutions because I KNOW I won’t keep them.

So I’m calling this list Thing I’m Going To Work On in 2014. Sounds a little more realistic

  • Make better eye contact – I don’t why I do this. I can’t have eye contact with people for a certain amount of time. Definitely gotta work on that since in the adult world, that’s the nice thing  to do. But not for a long amount of time cause then it’s creeper status.

  •        Go out more – My daily routine consists of work, home, repeat and sprinkle going out sparingly. I’m known to be a hermit crab homebody so I’ll try to go out and be with people more.

  • Work out more – Haven’t set an exact goal because I’m not about that life.

  • Wear heels more – Things get better with practice.

  • Write more – Because of work I treated this blog like it was Meg from Family Guy. I’ll try to do better

  • Try more new things – This year I zip-lined, went to a gun range, and did archery. This coming year I’m gonna do more. LIVING LIKE LARRY!

  • Move out – The set up I have right now is good, but I would like to finally have my own place…and get a dog lol

  • Log off more – It’s become a routine of waking up and going on Twitter and Facebook even though I don’t so anything.

  • FOCUS! – I have a tendency to start something, then I start thinking of something else. Just like I started this post, then went to watch TV, then ate some food and did my nails. I have the intention span of a 4 year old, which is ironic seeing that’s the age I teach.

  • Travel more – I’m hoping at the end of the school year I’m gonna travel overseas even if it’s by myself. YOU HEAR THAT UNIVERSE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!



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