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So We’re Perming…Our EYELASHES NOW?!

Sigh so on twitter today, I saw the link of this video of this chick PERMING HER EYELASHES!


“Because they’re very curly”

Like….I just….I just can’t.

1. You are putting DANGEROUS CHEMICALS literally near your eye. You even put a disclaimer that we shouldn’t try this at home. Clearly, you’re practicing the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. You can literally go blind from that stuff and I’m sure it can burn through the contacts.

2. Did you apply some to your eyebrows because they’re looking a little sparse as well.

3. What made you think that one day that “you know what, my eyelashes are just too curly. Let me straighten them.” Is it cause they don’t make flatirons small enough to grab the lashes? I’m sure you’ve tried that.

4. Why not just do the false eyelashes? I think they’re dumb, but compared to this shit it looks like a winner.

5. Why do you need your eyelashes straighter? Are you gonna walk around with rakes on your eyelids?

5. Please please PLEEEAASE tell me she is not NIGERIAN! We already have some dudes tattooing their lips PINK. We don’t need anymore stupidity in our corner.

I’m really sitting here trying to find a way that this is not stupid and dangerous and I just CANNOT! Ugh


2 thoughts on “So We’re Perming…Our EYELASHES NOW?!

  1. stop judging people! that’s why they say opinions are like assholes…..Besides it ain’t easy to put falsies over very curl lashes! It doesn’t blend in with the falsies!

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