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#31WriteNow Bruno Mars concert is LIFE!

I know I missed the midnight deadline for #31WriteNow but oh well. So I’m stuck in traffic trying to leave Dallas (note to self: Never miss the TRE train EVER AGAIN!) and I just want y’all to know that Bruno Mars and I will be getting married and will have gorgeous Nigerian-Hawaiian-whatever else he is Babies.
The concert was a mix of Soul Train and American Bandstand and Michael Jackson AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!
In addition to singing his own songs, he sang Ginuwine’s Pony and duuuuuude every girl in there got pregnant lol.
I didn’t take many pictures cause 1. I only had my phone camera and it couldn’t zoom in very well and 2. I was too busy getting my existence with Bruno to be watching it through a camera screen.
Bruno was my first male headlining concert and I just wanted to snatch him off that stage and just….you know what, let me go to bed lol
I’ll add the photos I did take when I get up.




5 thoughts on “#31WriteNow Bruno Mars concert is LIFE!

  1. lol YES! See, told you! It was glorious! That man knows how to put on a damn show. By the end of the night, I felt like had just gotten off a rollercoaster. That boy can sang. Not sing. SANG! And his band, icing on the cake.

    • I WAS SO EXHAUSTED FROM THE SHOW LIKE I DID SOMETHING LOL. I literally wanted to snatch him off that stage and just UGGGGHHH and he sang to some girl in the audience and I was like -____- bitch. I was hating like hell

      • YES! I just wanted to sleep after. I felt rocked. lol I was going to ask you if he did that at your show. Phil’s pick-up lines were hilarious! I loved that part of the show.

        Then the part when he did the reggae transition into “Show Me” and the 90s breakdown…lawd hammercy!

        And the whole show he was tearing them instruments UP!

        My poor fiance, he wanted to come to the show with me. Although he had a good time, he discovered the depth of my fanaticism that night. lol

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