#31WriteNow / TV

Lessons Learned From Watching Breaking Bad

So I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix cause everyone has been going crazy about the new season comeback. So I’m compiling a list of things learned from watching the show.

1. There’s a lot of money in meth. When that Pollo guy offered $3 million for Walter White to cook for him for 3 months, I was like MAAAAAN YOU BETTER CALL A SUBSTITUTE! THREE MILLION DOLLARS?!?! Like what? Are you hiring? Asking for a friend. 

2. Pay attention in Chemistry. Seriously, then you would be able to make batteries out of pennies or blow up a building with a single rock thingy.

3. Drug dealers need lawyers too. With all the pesky law officials you gotta deal with, LAWYER UP! CALL SAUL!

4. Wanna piss someone off, throw a pizza on their roof! It’s so simple. It’ll just sit up there heating up and stinking up the place especially in an oven like Texas heat. Never laughed so hard in my life.

Welp! I’m still on Season 3 so when it comes on on Sunday, I’ll be knee deep in my Netflix avoiding social media. More lessons to come.


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