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Some Unpopular Opinions

So I didn’t really have any ideas, but today #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion was trending so it worked in my favor cause I do have some opinions that other people would look at me like Um, What?

1. Watermelon is GROSS! If the basis of my Black card relies on whether or not I like Watermelon, I will gladly turn it in. It’s disgusting, I don’t care I don’t care! However, I do like Watermelon-flavored things like Jolly Ranchers and slushies. Watermelon the fruit has NO taste! This is me trying to eat the wretched fruit: 

2. I don’t think Beyonce is the greatest performer. I’m sure this will have the BeyHive go into a bubbling rage, but she is not in my Top 5 favorite singers. Hell, she isn’t even in my Top 10. Before y’all go crazy, I think she’s talented. I was a fan of Destiny’s Child and I had her Dangerously in Love CD, but I just think the whole worshiping of her is ridiculous.

I haven’t been to a Beyonce concert, but I have seen P!nk live and seen Lady Gaga TWICE and they are just outstanding live!

3. Kevin Hart is ANNOYING AS HELL! He was only funny when he was doing comedy specials. When he was on the BET Awards saying TURN UP! 50 million times, that was the last straw. JUST STOP TALKING PLEASE! 

4. Marilyn Monroe is overrated. I’m sick and tired of people posting quotes of her like she was this goddess. She was a pretty girl and a mediocre actress that had a drug problem. I doubt she said all those inspirational crap I see on Tumblr and MySpace. Get a better role model.

Welp! Now I’m done hurting people’s feelings.

Anyone else have these opinions?


8 thoughts on “Some Unpopular Opinions

  1. This the second post I’ve read about #unpopularopinion. The other young lady wrote about Beyonce not being the best, girlfriends being better than living single, No,No, No part 1 by Destiny’s child was better than part 2, and something else I forgot. I agreed with all of them. She’s in #31writenow to so you’ll probably find her.

    I admit I love watermelon but I agree with everything else you post. I’m a beyonce fan but damn it ain’t that damn serious. Like i said in the other post. She’s talented but she ain’t the best. She’s attractive but she aint the best.. She can dance but she aint the best. I’m trying to figure out what makes her stand out so more than others. It must be the work ethic. that’s all i can see.

    Kevin Hart is funny but not all that. I like Chris Rock & Tucker, Mike Epps (of course the kings of comedy especially bernie mac) and I love Sommore. Them dudes. I thought it was funny how people didn’t like him in Hollywood Husbands but I loved him in Think Like a Man. I was like he’s the same damn person. The same corny act.

    Yeah… I can do without Marilyn Monroe. When and who made that a trend?

  2. Watermelon doesn’t taste like much, but I love it. On a hot day, it’s refreshing and packed full of all kinds of goodness.

    *Looks around* I am with you on B e y o n c e. Kevin Hart is not funny, at all.

    The man and I watched a Monroe film for the first time this past Sunday. He looked like he had a lobotomy. I will never understand her appeal.

  3. Yup! Well watermelon… to each his/her own. But you don’t have to turn in your Black card for it. They didn’t make my Daddy give up his for not eating chicken, so you’re good.

    Beyoncé is alright, but she’s not the best thing since sliced bread. Let the BeyHive tell it, she’s better than life itself. I just can’t do it. I remember when Destiny’s Child first came out. I liked it then… just not better than anything else. Its so hard out here trying to find people who are unbiased and can appreciate not being a stan.

    Kevin Hart is kinda funny – its more his storytelling than anything else for me. But you are not alone on that one. I know several people who don’t see it for him.

    And this latest Marilyn Monroe craze. I really don’t have time for it.

    • I’m trying to process your dad not liking chicken lol, but yeah to each his own. I like Kevin Hart’s comedy specials, but outside of that, Nah. And yeah I can’t deny that Beyonce is talented. Just not totally in love with her

  4. I am so sick of Beyonce. I liked her when she was in Destiny’s Child and that’s where it ends. I am in no way a fan. She is SO extra when she’s just SO average. Yes, it is partially work ethic, but it is mainly the finely tuned marketing team that she has behind her. That is all. I wouldn’t go to her show if someone paid for my ticket.

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