A Letter To Miley Cyrus


So today Miley Cyrus revealed on Twitter the name of her upcoming album.

I think it’s about time for Miley to be brought down to reality.

Dear Miley,

Stop it. Just stop it. This joke has gone on way too long.


No amount of tongue wagging or “twerking” will tell us otherwise.

I was here for you when Party in the USA came out  and Can’t Be Tamed as well. Where’s THAT Miley? Tell her I miss her and she should come visit.

I just don’t understand how/why you can go from that to….

I wouldn’t feel so strongly about it if it felt genuine. You’re clearly doing this to get a more urban audience. This is not the way to market to us. If you’re genuine in your music and transformation is authentic, your audience will come to you.

Now your album is called Bangerz. First you spelling things with a Z to make it sound cool is like when your parents want to be ‘hip.’ Also, that’s so cocky of you seeing that your first song We Can’t Stop sucked.

Anyway, I’m Miss Celie to the BS. 

When you learn to act right and release genuine music, you can have my money.



One thought on “A Letter To Miley Cyrus

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