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JoJo Sues Blackground Records For Freedom From The Label.

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Looks like all the JoJo fans, including me of course, would be finally get what we’ve been waiting for.

I blogged about JoJo’s label drama about a year ago about how she’s in legal limbo with Blackground Records and therefore couldn’t sell any music.

JoJo, full name Joanna Levesque,  is suing Blackground Records and it’s subsidiary, Da Family (…what?) for basically holding her hostage for the past seven years. She had a third album,  Jumping Trains, has literally been sitting for years waiting to be distributed but since Blackground lost their distribution deal with Interscope Records.

At age 12, JoJo’s contract with Blackground was signed by her parents because she was a minor. The contract held her to a seven album deal.

According to New York State law, where the lawsuit is filed, minors that sign contracts cannot be held for more than seven years. This year marks the seventh year since her last album The High Road was released in 2006.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, JoJo states that she has been “dissatisfied with her professional relationship with the Da Family Entities and Blackground for many years.”

I think I speak for all the JoJo fans out there when I say IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! As I was reading this, I was like:

We will all be so happy when she is freed from the shackles of the oppressor that is Blackground.

Although, I LOVE her mixtape Agape, I want to pay money for her music and to see her perform live cause I know that’s what she loves to do.

Sending all good vibes to her lawyers. #FreeJoJo is ALMOST A REALITY!!!


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