New Music: Karmin – Acapella


The YouTube turned Top40 pop group Karmin has released their new single, Acapella, which is all about being independent. 

I love the song! It’s very upbeat and fresh which I hope will do well in the charts. The lyric video is very fun and reminds me of the James Bond silhouette.

Another interesting I found out about the video was how the beats were made.

Singer Amy Heidemann told Rolling Stones magazine:

“Acapella was created almost exclusively with human voices,” says Heidemann. “We flipped the original meaning of Acapella to mean ‘D.I.Y.’ or should we say ‘D.I.A. – Do It Acapella!'”

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I also wish that Nick would have more of a voice in the singles that are put out because it’s all her. The single comes out on iTunes on June 25th! Their upcoming album has yet to be named.


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