Revenge 216 Recap: Illumination

It’s been a while since I did a Revenge recap. Just so we’re all on the same page:

Emilyanda = Emily thorne who is actually Amanda

Amandily = Amanda Clarke who is actually Emily AKA the dead one.

Emilyanda and Aiden are at Aiden’s secret empty mansion playing house and being all cozy and cute. She worries about how her foster brother Eli is going to ruin their plans seeing that she burned down their foster home.

Graysons are creating a foundation in Amandily’s honor, but I’m sure there is an agenda behind it. Daniel comes to say that he’s done with having blood on their hands. Oh Daniel, you naive, incredibly attractive man.

Jack is discussing Amandily’s insurance policy with a lawyer. Queen Victoria calls up Jack to get his permission to create the foundation in Amandily’s name. He gives them the OK and  Emilyanda shows up to offer to be co-chair by giving Victoria a check for $250,000. Must be nice to have money like that to just give away. Then the maid shows up to announce that Amanda’s foster brother is here. UH OH. Luckily Nolan calls her and she was able to pull a fake emergency and get the hell out of there. Smart Lady.

Emilyanda heads to Jack’s bar to talk to him about Amandily and her brother’s there talking to him. Jack excuses himself and talks to Emilyanda saying that her brother says she hated her father and would like to know why she would go through so much trouble to expose the Graysons! Oh Jack, you don’t know JACK!

Then Eli calls her Amanda and says you’re looking pretty good for a dead girl. HE KNOWS!

Now they’re walking down the pier discussing their lives. Turns out that Eli has got warrants in like THREE STATES! The ONE black guy on the show and he has warrants. Sigh. Emilyanda says she can get rid of the warrants if he promises to leave town cause he’s gonna ruin everything. He hesitates but accepts.

Now Daniel’s getting wasted in the bar and some jerk from another company is over there poking fun and they get into a fight and gets  punched in the eye. NOT HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE! Luckily, Aiden comes to the rescue and breaks it up. Daniel has doubts about Aiden’s loyalty. He has good reason since he dated Emilyanda after Daniel and her broke up and then turns around and helps Daniel.  After Daniel leaves, Aiden gets a call from Conrad, who is sitting in the corner of the bar, to discuss ways to help Daniel.

Jack goes to the pier to find out what happened the night Amandily died and the guy there said he was paid a lot of money in cash to not talk. All he remembered about him was that he was tall, had sandy hair and blue eyes. Jack says that’s plenty and knows that it’s Nolan. Oh boy.

It’s the night of the Grayson’s foundation dinner. Eli In like 3 button pushes, Nolan wiped Eli’s warrant record clean. Then Emilyanda gives him $100,000 for him to leave, but Eli changed his mind. Declan is being clingy again ugh. Emilyanda gets Ashley to make the Graysons doubt Eli. Victoria doesn’t fully believe it because she thinks Emilyanda said it just to get her spot as co-chair for the foundation.

Jack makes an announcement about how grateful he is for his only real friends the Graysons. Ok Jack. Nolan asks him what the hell is he talking about and Jack tells him that he knows he was the one that got the boat. Victoria makes announces that the new co-chair is….Eli. Oh boy, Emilyanda is not happy about that.

Nolan convinces Jack that it was Kenny that bought the speed boat. Jack apologizes for ever doubting Nolan. Hook, line and sinker.

Daniel snitches to Emilyanda that his parents are hiding their money in the foundation in case there is a police investigation so the money is untouchable. Emilyanda cooks up a plan with Nolan to use the Carrion program hack into the foundation account with all of the Grayson’s money to bankrupt them. Finally we’re getting back to ruining lives. REVENGE-Y EMILY IS BACK!

Aww look at Emilaiden (Yea, that’s my couple name for them) playing house. So cute. Nolan comes over and is having a nerdgasm over Carrion and hacking into the account, but something goes wrong. Someone named Falcon wrote code to protect the Graysons’ account. Turns out the same person that wrote the code is the same person who was involved with helping the Graysons to down thatplane and seal David Clarke’s fate. So according to Nolan “The Falcon is back on the Graysons’ payroll. “Emily- “Then let’s go hunting.” OH SNAP! IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

I’m not sure who the falcon is but I have a theory. I want to say it’s Aiden, but I don’t think he knew Amanda Clarke or the Graysons back when David was in jail. I don’t know.

Who do you think is  the Falcon?


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