Pictures | Lady Gaga’s BTW Ball Dallas, TX 2013

So the Born This Way Ball was yesterday in Dallas at the American Airlines Center and it was AWESOME as usual!

I went with my friend Amy and we dressed up as her character in her Judas Video. We went early so people on the train were looking at us funny lol.

Before the concert started, Virgin Mobile had their photo booths set up for fans to take photos.

Lady Starlight was the first opener, but I don’t know what the hell she was doing. Then came Madeon, a DJ that was boring, but then again all DJs sound the same to me.

Then, we had to wait for literally an hour for Lady Gaga to come out. The audience were so bored. They tried to do the wave like ten time and it was just not happening. Then a guy was doing gymnastics flips and we were all cheering for him (yeah, that bored) then security told him to stop (boo!).

Finally she came out and KILLED IT! I don’t remember the order of what she sings, but she did do Government Hooker and that’s all I wanted.

Overall great performance!

You can see all of their photos at

Here’s mine:

Also we could take group photos and make GIFs out of them:

Of course I took a lot of pictures. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see a lot of Drag queens this time around, but what can you do?

I was completely in love with Lady Gaga’s stage! It fit in with all her songs and it made the transitions better.

See all my photos below!

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