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New “Trend” : Nigerian Men tattooing their lips PINK?!

Things like this makes me want to face-palm my entire existence.

Apparently in Nigeria, there is a new trend where the men would tattoo their lips PINK!
I guess this is a way to become more “westernized.”

“We help out those with black lips, to clean their lips and make them pink,” said the tattoo artist.

This is so beyond ridiculous, it’s not even funny. This tattoo artist is talking about “clean[ing] their lips.” If it’s dirty, their’s a neat invention called soap and water.

So let’s say you’re really dark skinned and you get you’re lips tattooed pink. First off, extra dark skin with bright pink lips make you look like a strawberry cream-filled Oreo.

Secondly, If you really think that is going to make you more attractive, then you need to get your brain reprogrammed. I was annoyed with the skin-lightening cream, now this crap. To me, you look like a guy who is insecure with himself and that is not attractive.


Source: Style Blazer


2 thoughts on “New “Trend” : Nigerian Men tattooing their lips PINK?!

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