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X Factor recap: Three Left, Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars performs

Mario Lopez came out looking good as usual and Khloe Kardashian Odom‘s jacket was cute, but her tan was yuck.

The final four performed I’m Coming Home and it was sounding beautiful and flowy until…Emblem 3 came in and took a sh*t on the performance. I just wanted to melt away from the terrible singing. There was no key, tempo or flow.

And the First person to stays was…

Fifth Harmony!

YESSSSSS!! When I heard their name, I was like:

Everyone was shocked! Even Simon who for some stupid reason thought they were going home and that Emblem 3 were better. Britney was clearly not happy about them making cause when the cameras panned to her..


LMAO I almost fell out. It seems Robot-ney had a little malfunction. She’s lucky I like Carly or I would’ve had a few choice words for her.

Bridgit Medler performed and it was…. let’s say it was as good as a Disney star who is trying to grow up is.

The next person was….

Tate Stevens.

I was ok with that, but then it hit me…It’s between Carly Rose and Emblem 3 for the last spot.

The thought of Carly possibly going home had me going like :

Of course it went to commercial giving me time to gather my thoughts together. When it came back, Bruno Mars performed Locked Out of Heaven. I didn’t really pay attention because I was too busy thinking of the future elimination.

Finally, the last person to make it was…



YES YES YES!! I was dancing around my room like I just won the lottery. Thank God Emblem 3 leaves. Finally people listened with their ears and not their lady parts.

Now I need Carly to win the X Factor and all will be right with the world.


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