Christina Aguilera (@therealXtina) Album Lotus review

Christina Aguilera’s album Lotus came out on Tuesday as #6 on iTunes.

Entertainment Weekly’s “review” of it was more of attacking Christina’s outfits and like 2 of her lyrics instead of the album itself. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to review each song and give it grades and then averaging it to get the grade of the album as a whole.

I am a Christina Aguilera, but this is me judging it with my ears only and it’s selling power.

  1. Lotus Intro: great start to the album as it’s whimsical angel-like chanting gives me the visual of a lotus flower petals opening up and Christina rising up. It then gradually accelerates to the beat dropping at “this is the beginning” B+
  2. Army of Me: I watched the Christina Aguilera listening session on YouTube and she said that this is meant to be Fighter 2.0 for this generation. In my opinion, I disagree. The song by itself is good, but something was missing for it to be great. The lyrics are there, but the tempo of the song is very hard to follow. This was overproduced with the beats taking over the song. The beats were taking over as opposed to the song C+
  3. Red Hot Kinda Love – This sounds like a song that didn’t make the cut for Bionic so they just put it in here as a filler. Doesn’t do much for me, but I’m sure It’ll be better in a club with drinks in your system. D
  4. Make the World Move – Love the song. However Cee Lo seems more like a background singer cause he doesn’t really add to this song. She could’ve done with or without him. Great song for a Super Bowl halftime performance B+
  5. Your Body – Makes for a good single, but I wish she didn’t without the autotune. 2012 version of Dirrty.  B+
  6. Let There Be Love – Love the energy and beats. I can see people just belting this in the cars and not giving a damn who sees. At least I will. B+
  7. Sing for Me – Great ballad saying that she doesn’t care about the critics and she’s just singing for herself and pouring her heart and vocals into it. A
  8. Blank Page – This song she wrote with Sia Furler is about her trying to take back decisions she’s made and trying to start over. Vocals again are out of this world. All she had was the piano and her voice and it was executed beautifully. A
  9. Cease Fire – Christina wants to end all the fighting with her significant other and breaking down defenses as she is on their side. Great message but the execution itself isn’t the best. It was for the most part flat.  D
  10. Around the World – another song about love-making but this time requires a passport. Basic dance tune with not much substance. Meh C
  11. Circles – A song saying f**k you to her critics and telling them to “spin around in circles on [her] middle finger.” Ok song, but it’s more about the message and not the music C
  12. Best of Me – forget Army of Me. THIS should be Fighter 2.0. Message refusing to let people get the best of her. Same message as Fighter, but in a ballad-like form. A
  13. Just a Fool – I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard she was doing a song with Blake Shelton, but hearing this I was pleasantly surprised. Props to Blake for hitting those notes. A song about realizing that someone was not good for you. B

Overall, the album was pretty good and I can see it selling more than Bionic (I don’t think this album was bad, just the wrong single was put out to represent it). B+

Potential singles

Let There Be love

Just a Fool

Make The World Move


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