JoJo facing record label drama regarding the release of “Jumping Trains”

We won’t be seeing JoJo‘s third anticipated album “Jumping Trains” anytime soon. The Bostonian singer is in musical lockout with her “label” Blackground Records.

Here’s a little backround on the label: BG records is owned by Barry Hankerson, who is the uncle of late singer Aaliyah (he’s also the douche person who green-lighted Drake’s posthumous album with Aaliyah). They were a subsidiary of Universal Music Group and were distributed by Interscope Records.

However, they lost their distribution deal and therefore can’t release JoJo’s music. I know this because JoJo herself had responded to my tweet yesterday (omgomgomg!) about why the label won’t release her album and “Demonstrate” music video.

At this point, she just wants to get out of her contract with them. She is in a 5 album contract with them, but if there isn’t anyone on the payroll, how are she supposed to get the album out and earn money for her and the label?

Hopefully Hankerson will see that JoJo needs to be let go cause she is a musical goldmine sitting in limbo waiting for her shot to take the spotlight. If she were signed to a more well-known label, there is no doubt in my mind that she’ll be in the Top 10 if not #1.

I have been #TeamJoJo since her first album at age 13 and I support her music all the way.


5 thoughts on “JoJo facing record label drama regarding the release of “Jumping Trains”

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