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Twitter hoax leaves some Beliebers with shaved heads

This is the epitome of the lesson: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

A fake announcement on twitter claiming that Justin Bieber has cancer has beliebers shaving their heads to show support for him. Yea, you read that right.

On October 22nd, it started with a screenshot of Entertainment Tonight‘s official twitter page  announcing that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer and suggested that beliebers should go #BaldforBieber in support of Bieber.

In addition, there was a screenshot of Bieber thanking E.T. for the support.

Soon after the tweets went out, launched with pictures of more photoshopped tweets from celebrities and fans that ACTUALLY shaved their heads to show support. See more of the ridiculousness here.

Well they have to feel stupid because it was all a PRANK done by members of 4chan. Let me be the one to say that this is the GREATEST PRANK EVER! Hilarious because it shows how people will believe anything, and sad because people were dumb enough to shave their heads for this guy.

The fact that these fans are willing to go through great lengths for a singer who doesn’t know you from Adam is appalling to me. This girl talks about how her family members have cancer. So she didn’t shave her head for her family member, but she does it for someone -no matter how many songs you buy and how many tweets you read- you don’t know? Maybe if they spent less time connected to ear buds and more time engaged in books, they would know to CHECK YOUR FACTS!

No tweets mentioning cancer anywhere on Justin Bieber’s or Entertainment Tonight’s OFFICIAL twitter pages. It’s amazing how the most basic photoshop editing have people going bald. Even his bodyguard denounced the claim on twitter.

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard

These “stans” have clearly lost all sense of reality and common sense. All I can hope if that the hair they shaved is being donated to Locks of Love or other organizations that help make wigs for cancer and leukemia patients.

Justin had his concert in Dallas yesterday. I wonder if he could see his reflection from the crowd.


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