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Snoop Dogg remakes song….for Hot Pockets!

The recession is hitting everybody y’all!

Snoop Dogg/Lion/Chinchilla recently remade his hit song “Drop It Like It’s hot” for HOT POCKETS!!

Yes. That is a hot pocket in a leopard jacket.

View this ridiculousness below.

I haven’t been taking Snoop Dogg seriously these days. First, you change your name to Snoop Lion and release a Reggae album. I listened to one of those songs and it was the most stereotypical, cookie cutter rastafarian mess I ever heard.

Guess that’s not doing to well and he was strapping for cash so Hot Pockets gave him a job.

The product fits perfectly with the song, but it reads as desperate. It’s like Mary J. Blige singing about the Burger King Crispy Chicken Wrap.

But I guess it gets people talking which is what the Advertising agency working on Hot Pockets wanted to happen. So, more power to you.

Damn it, now I want a Hot Pocket. *runs to the store*


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