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Kim Kardashian channels Diana Ross…and fails miserably

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what is it when the imitation isn’t flattering?

Kim Kardashian posted this photo on her website was channeling Diana Ross for a Supreme-style photo-shoot with Hype Williams.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

I don’t know what she’s having a photo shoot for, but she looks a freaking mess. I pray to God that Diana Ross doesn’t come across this. Everything about this is a mess.

Her “Afro” looks like the beginning of those Herbal Essence commercials and her make-up looks like a 5-year-old was playing dress up.

Oh well. Nothing we can do about it. She’ll continue to tweet to her millions of “fans” (which I am proud to not be a part of) all her pictures of her looking dead at her phone camera promoting all that craps she sells. Life goes on.

All I have to say is leave the TALENTED and HARD WORKING stars alone.


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