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Chris Brown and Drake are popping bottles (literally) because of Rihanna

Sigh, it is 20-freaking-12 and things like this are still happening.

News broke out that apparently Drake and Chris Brown got in a “bloody” fight over who?………RIHANNA!

Here is the article from Global Grind

Source: Global Grind

Ok, I have a couple of questions:

1. Why is Chris Brown fighting over Rihanna when he has a girlfriend that he LIVES WITH?! And then tweets about the fights and deletes them. Seriously, does he have a publicist and why haven’t they taken over his twitter yet?

2. Why is Drake throwing bottles in a public place where others get hurt? Is he going to be the new addition to Basketball Wives?

3. Who is Meek Mill? This isn’t me being shady or anything. I genuinely don’t know who he is. I guess I would be considered one of the lucky ones.

And the finally question: What is it about Rihanna that makes guys go into fist/bottle fights over her? She has to have magical Barbados rastafarian lady bits for people to commit misdemeanors to get her.

Last week, Three students in Auburn University were shot and three more injured because of an argument over a female.

In my opinion, no one – man or woman- is worth fighting for except if you are already in a relationship with them. Once again, it is 2012 and I thought we as humans would have evolved past this.

You have to know that Rihanna is propped up on her LazyBoy basking in all of this ratchet glory.

This isn’t the last we’ve heard of these people. I expect diss songs by the end of the week.


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