GCB has been cancelled?!?!…Lord give me strength!

The news broke out yesterday for which shows were axed and which were renewed.

And one of the shows that got the axe was….*deep breath*…GCB. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

So you’re telling me that I can no longer get my weekly dose of Cricket Caruth-Riley, Carlene Cockburn, and Gigi?! LORD HAVE MERCY!!

This is by far the worst decision the ABC execs have ever made this season. I wish Gigi was a real person so she would walk into the ABC Execs office with Tony and Romo while holding a shotgun looking like the bad ass she is. What is she scared of? “not a damn thing.”

I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Last night GCB was trending worldwide on twitter as people everywhere mourn the loss of this fabulous, Texas-bred comedy. There is even a petition, which I signed without hesitation, to save the show at (it currently has almost 2,300 signatures and hopefully growing).

However, I do know people that are happy this show is gone. All these “Super Christians” were saying that it was offensive to the lord and all that nonsense. Of course, those that have those opinions have NEVER WATCHED ONE EPISODE! I am a christian and and watched the whole season and have never said once “this is offensive.” So does that make me not a christian because I enjoy the show? For the love of God, put down your pitchforks and pick up the remote.

One of the reasons I think that GCB didn’t get as high ratings was because of the Sunday night time slot. At 10/9c I’m not sitting in front of a TV screen waiting for my shows to come on. Like most people, we’re getting our lives together to prepare for the upcoming week. If it was on at least earlier during the day, then I would be able to watch it. Or change it to during the week in the evening would be much better.

With the amount of shock and outrage of its cancellation, I’m pretty sure ABC will reconsider. ABC execs, may the lord give y’all a change of heart. Let the church say amen. AMEN.


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