Et Cetera

I’ve got something to say and I can’t hold it any longer.

It’s time for me to stop being in denial and just get it off my chest.

My name is Odion Eigbobo and I am…….an Entertainment Junkie. Hey, that didn’t feel bad at all. I LOVE ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Be it Television, Music, Movies. You name it, I’ve probably watched it and have got an opinion about it. It’s all I talk about and my friends and family can vouch for that. (Their words will be like “she never shuts up about it” or something like that).

I get fully engaged when watching TV. I’m talking screaming at the top of my lungs, laughing my ass off or any other emotions they evoke on me. I can’t help it. Not a lot exciting goes on in my everyday life, so I escape into TV and music.

Sooo this blog is gonna be All entertainment all the time.

So pull up a chair and join us Entertainment addicts.

Safe space


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