ABC’s Revenge – Legacy


Picture Source: Revenge’s Facebook page

Alright my first actual posting about tv. Let’s do this *cracks knuckles*

This episode being the one before the finale, I liked that they did a flashback to when she decided that she was going to take revenge on the Graysons and others that contributed to her father’s wrong conviction. Emily/Amanda’s performance was amazing. It’s good that we get to see her crying because it shows that she wasn’t always completely cold and vindictive. And the haircut with bangs kinda grew on me.

It also gave insight on the other characters. Nolan had just met Amanda/Emily (you know what, i’m gonna call her Amandily from now on) once before and now was telling her about how her father was innocent and the journals he wrote gave details of those that betrayed him. I really like Nolan because he looks out for people…with great style (LOVE the double-popped collar look).

Around that time, the Porters were just moving into the bar because the father put up the house for sale. I’d like to take a second to drool acknowledge that Jack without facial hair is GORGEOUS!! Ok i’m done. And another thing was that Jack actually had a girlfriend at that time, which you could see that Amandily wasn’t very happy about it. when she heard about the Porter’s financial trouble and Nolan’s deep pockets, her gold-digger meter went off and tried to sink her claws (or lips) into Nolan.

Although it wasn’t as suspenseful as the previous one, they wouldn’t leave us without a moment where you’re about to have a panic attack (finding Roger Halstead, former Grayson Global employee and David Clarke’s friend, dead in the bathtub).

Great episode and i’m dying for the SEASON FINALE!!!


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